Antidote Essentials.

I being a guy who has been obsessed with beauty for as long as I can remember can definitely attest to having the right skincare products for my skin, I have an oily combination skin type and I like products that help to keep my skin balanced but still hydrated, I also like to look for products that absorb really well into the skin without leaving any sort of residue.

I have recently discovered Antidote Essentials and have really been enjoying the products I have been trialing, the products work really well for my skin and my skin type. They absorb really well and keep my skin nourished, they also help keep my skin calm when I shave which is always something I look out for in my grooming products.

I have been so lucky to be able to have a chat with the founders of the brand and below they have answered some questions for me, continue reading to read all about our interview.

Ella Bache #IWillBeMe Campaign.

If there is one thing that I have learnt from working in the beauty industry for ten plus years now is to  always trust the professionals, especially when it comes to your skin. The #IWillBeMe Campaign by Ella Bache wants to empower women by making them feel confident in their own skin, they are encouraging people to go into one of their clinics and book in for a complimentary Skin Diagnosis followed by a 45 Minute SkinFit facial treatment.

Alongside the diagnosis and treatment you will also receive a Skin Fit Pack which contains two travel sized products that have been tailored to your skin type.

I am a big fan of getting my skin properly diagnosed as I have learnt a lot about my skin from having it done, I would highly recommend having a skin diagnosis to anyone especially those who are just starting out in their skincare routines as it is crucial to know what kind of skin you have and what it needs. 

I have learnt a lot about skincare and my own skin over the years and believe I have finally found what works for me, I being the beauty junkie that I am like to use various products on a daily basis but am also a believer in keeping it simple and sticking to a solid routine.

Simon x

*The #IWillBeMeCampaign officially ends at the end of September but clients can still go into an Ella Bache salon for a complimentary skin diagnosis to find the best products for your skin.

My Experience: Venus Viva Treatment at Claire Francoise.

Being the beauty obsessive that I am, I am always on the lookout for skin treatments to try for myself and to also share the experience on my site. Claire Francoise is someone who I really trust with my skin and I have been visiting the clinic for over the past year or more now for treatments. When she told me about the Venus Viva Treatment I knew it would be a good one to try.

Claire so kindly answered some questions on the mentioned treatment, continue reading to hear what she had to say about it.

On Rotation.

Everyone has their thing when it comes to what relaxes them, for me it's organising my beauty cupboard. Being the beauty junkie that I am I really enjoy organising all my products and as it is a big part of my job and I like having everything organised and ready to go when I need it.

Whilst recently sitting on my bedroom floor organising my beauty products by their categories it got me thinking about the products I am currently using in my routine, I have recently changed up my skincare routine and am trialing some products for the site. 

Continue reading to find out what products I have currently on rotation.

How To Add Boosters Into Your Skincare Routine.

Anyone who has been following me on on Instagram knows that I have been traveling quite a bit over the past months, I really enjoyed traveling but it definitely took a toll on my skin. I have the kind of skin where it instantly acts up when I have been traveling, stressed and haven't gotten enough sleep.

Another thing my skin reacts to is weather changes, this time around I came from Summer in Europe to Winter in Melbourne and my skin definitely noticed the change. I have an oily combination skin type with a bit of dehydration added into the mix so I am currently looking for my skincare products that will help to soothe my jetlagged and weather shocked skin.

A brand that has been on my radar since I first started out in beauty is Clarins, the thing I love most about their products is whenever I use them they just work and are always good to fall back on whenever my skin is playing up.

The latest addition to my routine has been the Boosters from Clarins which come in three variations Repair, Detox and Energy. One of the great things about the boosters is that they can be easily incorporated into your current skincare routine, you simply add 3-5 drops into your moisturiser, mask or foundation.

I personally like to mix mine into my moisturiser which is currently the Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Cooling Gel, I scoop out a fifty cent size piece or so amount of moisturiser into the palm of my hands and add three to five drops of whichever booster I need at the time. The booster bottles have a button at the bottom of the bottle, one click equals one drop which means you have complete control over how many drops you mix into your preferred product.

The Repair booster helps with skin recovery and works to reduce any redness and discomfort, The Detox booster helps to detoxify, add radiance and plump the skin and the Energy booster works to tone, re-energize and erase signs of fatigue.

Like I said earlier I am someone who travels a lot and I honestly think these boosters are genius, they are super easy to travel with and easily fit into your current skincare routine, I like having all three with me when I travel so no matter how my skin is feeling I know I have the right products to help with my concerns.

For more information on Clarins Click Here.

*The products mentioned in this post have been given to me by the brand /PR, As always the review is 100% my honest opinion on the products. Every single product that I mention on the site has been personally tested by me and these are my genuine thoughts on the product.

My Favourite Men's Fragrances For Winter.

As the weather starts to cool down I like to change my fragrance to suit the surrounding temperatures, I tend to move on from lighter more airy fragrances and look for ones that contain notes of warm woods and spices.

Here are my current favourite fragrances for Winter...

Bottega Veneta Pour Homme Parfum:

Regular readers of my site will know I am a huge fan of Bottega Veneta fragrances, their original Pour Homme EDT fragrance is a mainstay in my beauty cupboard as it works well all throughout the year and lasts really beautifully on the skin.

One of their latest launches is the Bottega Veneta Pour Homme Parfum which is a lot richer and has a bit more depth to it.

Top Notes:
Cedar Leaves, Rich Cardamom.

Heart Notes:
Pimento, Fir Balsam.

Base Notes:
Leather Accord, Tonka Bean.

I love wearing the Parfum all throughout the year but especially in the cooler months as it has a really nice depth and warmness to it, what I tend to do is wear the EDT during the day and top up with the Parfum.
*Available at David Jones and selected Myer stores nation wide.


In my fragrance collection I like having fragrances in there that I can just throw on and not worry about, this is one of those fragrances. I like keeping this one in my bag as I know it's something that is really easy to wear no matter what the day brings.

Top Notes:
Violet Leaves Absolute, Bergamont Essence, Cardamom Essence.

Heart Notes:
Geranium Essence, Vetiver SFE, Fir Balsam Absolute.

Base Notes:
Cashmeran, Vanilla Surabsolute, Tonka Bean Absolute.

*Available at selected Myer stores and Pharmacies nationwide.
Click Here To Purchase.

Michael Kors Extreme Night:
This fragrance is the perfect winter night out fragrance, in saying that though I can imagine myself wearing it all throughout the year. It has a depth to it but with a definite freshness which makes it the perfect all rounder.

The Fragrance Contains Notes Of:

Black Pepper, Nutmeg, Cypress, Clary Sage, Orris and Tonka Bean.

*Available at David Jones and selected Myer Stores nationwide.
Click Here To Purchase.

Ermenegildo Zegna Acqua Di Iris:
There's just something about the smell of Iris that brings me straight back to my childhood, I love how fragrances can instantly bring back certain memories. This particular fragrance the Iris really is the star but it still has a freshness to it, I can see myself wearing this fragrance all throughout the year no matter the season.

The Fragrance Contains Notes Of;

Zegna Bergamot, Dewy Violet Leaves, Spice, Sleek Woods, Cistus Labdanum Absolute, Iris and Musk.
*Available at David Jones and selected Myer Stores nationwide.
Click Here To Purchase.

Tell me, what are your favourite fragrances for winter?

Simon x

*The products mentioned in this post have been given to me by the brand /PR, As always the review is 100% my honest opinion on the products. Every single product that I mention on the site has been personally tested by me and these are my genuine thoughts on the product.

The Interviews: Q&A With Anu From Ozmedica On The DermaSweep Treatment.

(*This post was created in collaboration with Ozmedica.)

A couple of weeks ago I visited the Ozmedica clinic in Malvern to have a DermaSweep treatment, my clinician was Anu who specializes in Skin, Waxing and Lymphatic Massage at the clinic. Anu ran me through the treatment and took the time to look at my skin and chat to me about my skin concerns, based on this she performed the DermaSweep treatment along with Lymphatic Massage and an Infusion targeted for my skin concerns.

I felt really comfortable chatting to Anu about my skin concerns and could tell that she was someone who really cared about skin and her clients getting great results from the treatments she performs.

I got the chance to interview Anu and ask her some questions about the treatment I had on the day, here are her responses.

Overview of the treatment?

Simon’s treatment involved a combination of Dermasweep microdermabrasion and lymphatic massage. The Dermasweep facial treatment combines microdermabrasion exfoliation with the application of skin specific infusions that result in fresher and healthier skin. The vacuum wand stimulates blood flow, lymph flow and deep cleanses the skin. It encourages collagen formation and subsequently firms and tone the epidermis skin. The lymphatic massage is an add on service that helps stimulate blood flow and relieves tension in the face and head that are caused by daily stresses, colds and/or sleeplessness.

Who would best suit the treatment?

The treatment would suit almost anyone because we are all exposed daily to numerous environmental conditions which can affect the moisture balance in our skin. The treatment is particularly important for anyone who experiences the following: 


Fine lines


Oily skin 


Hormonal skin conditions

Darkness under the eyes 


Are there any requirements before the treatment?

The only requirements we request from customers is to ensure they have not been sun burnt in the last 7-14 days and for males to ensure they shave before coming into the clinic.

Is there any down time?

There is no down time, however we do advise to avoid direct sunlight for a few days. Always use SPF to protect the skin and maintain the healthiness of the skin after the treatment.

How long until I see the results?

Results are seen immediately and you will notice the skin looking brighter, refreshed and smooth.

How many treatments would you recommend having to maintain results?

The skin will look refreshed and clear after just one treatment; however we recommend treatment every four weeks to get the best results. If the treatment is for a special occasion, we recommend having the treatment a fortnight beforehand.

Home care products after treatment?

Follow your normal skin routine, keep hydrating and always apply SPF.

Can makeup be applied straight after the treatment?

Makeup can be used straight after the treatment as desired.

In regards to home care is there anything I should not be putting on my skin straight after the treatment?

Avoid using AHA products, Retin-A, Scrubs, facial wax or any other exfoliating products or treatments for 4-7 days.

What other treatments do Ozmedica offer?



Chemical peels 

Cosmetic Injections

Sculpture (body sculpting and fat reduction)


Highlight treatment Winter facial

Hyla 3D HA activating complex facial is a hydrating facial where hyaluronic acid is used to restore the volume to the skin and provide deep, long lasting hydration. Advanced peptides and anti-oxidants are applied to boost the skins benefits. The main benefits of this facial is to reduce fines lines and wrinkles resulting in a more youthful contoured look.

I have recently done a lot of traveling and long haul flights, I noticed my skin was definitely in need of some extra hydration and a good thorough cleanse, The treatment I had on the day gave my skin a really good clean and I could definitely notice it was more hydrated and had an overall glow to it.

I saw results instantly after my treatment and also continued to see results days after, the results kept on getting better. I am someone who suffers from texture irregularities, milia, and blackheads and I can 100% say that the treatment helped with those concerns. My skin can become quite congested and the DermaSweep treatment really helped give my skin the cleanse it needed, even a couple of weeks after the treatment my skin feels clearer and a lot smoother.

For more information on Ozmedica Click Here.

Oz Medica Clinic
1356 High Street
Malvern Vic 3144

If you would like to try the DermaSweep treatment for yourself, the Ozmedica team is offering you 30% off the price of the treatment with an added infusion, the treatment is normally $150 but with the gift code it will be $100. All you have to do is call the clinic on 1300 017 546 and mention the code “SKINCARE OBSESSIVE”. If you have ever wanted to try the DermaSweep treatment then now is a good opportunity to do so.

*Gift code is only valid for the DermaSweep treatment with infusion and ends 30/8/2017.

Have you ever tried the DermaSweep treatment? Let me know below if you have.

*This post was created in collaboration with Ozmedica.

I would like to thank the clinic for taking care of me and to Anu for answering all the questions.

Simon x
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