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Q&A: Venus Legacy Treatment.

A few weeks or so ago I went into Miss Fox in Melbourne’s CBD and had the opportunity to try the
Venus Legacy Treatment, below is a Q&A with Erin from Miss Fox on the treatment.


A Year In Beauty.

Hello and welcome to a year in beauty, I have never actually done one of these stories before but this year has been the year where I have really stuck to a routine and found some holy grail beauty products. As apart of my job as a beauty writer I am constantly trialing new products to feature on the site, but this year in particular I have really stuck to a strict skincare routine whilst adding bits and pieces to trial for the site.

At the start of last year I went into Rationale in the emporium for a skin consultation, I think that's one of the biggest things I have learnt not just this year but in general is to go into a clinic and get your skin properly diagnosed.

Since my initial skin consultation I have been getting regular treatments every 4-6 weeks and have found they have helped to keep my skin healthy and have helped with my personal skin concerns such as breakouts and pigmentation.

I thought for this story I would share my 17 favourite products from 2017, there are a lot of repurchases and backups mentioned and I feel like this year has been the year where I have figured out what works for me and my skin.


Daily Detox.

Our skin is exposed to a lot on a daily basis, whether your working from home like I am or you have a job in the city, things like pollution, air conditioning, smoke and change of temperature can really have an effect on the overall health of your skin.

This is why it's super important to incorporate products into your skincare routine that help to detoxify the skin and also help to protect itself from daily aggressors.

Continue reading to hear about the products I use to help protect and detoxify my skin on a daily basis.

Current Go-To Makeup Look.

I have been wearing makeup for over ten years now and I feel like I have finally found a look that I am most comfortable with, I am a huge fan of the whole no makeup makeup thing with skin being the main focus. I like my makeup to cover what needs to be covered but always remain natural.

Continue reading to discover the products I currently have on rotation.

All I Want For Christmas.

It's hard to believe that Christmas is upon us and the year is coming to an end, I know that is such a cliche thing to say but I truly feel like this year has absolutely flown. As I have gotten older I don't expect the gifts like I used too but being the beauty junkie that I am, receiving a skincare or makeup product never goes astray.

I am forever creating wishlists of things that I want to add to my beauty collection, below is my current wishlist for the products that I will hopefully find under my tree.

The Interviews: Chantelle Delaney x Just Lashes.

International Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist, Chantelle Delaney has just been announced as the Brand Ambassador for Australian Beauty Brand, Just Lashes. Lash Extensions/Lash Lifts are this season's must-have beauty accessory, so I thought I would find out more & hear about the other beauty products Chantelle loves.

SOS Beauty.

Testing out new products is a big part of my job, it's a big perk of the job but sometimes when I am trying a lot of products my skin can become sensitive. I can also sometimes have reactions from products and my skin is also affected by temperature changes.

 Knowing this it's important to have skincare products in my routine that almost act like first aid products, these are products I constantly fall back on and know work for my skin and with whatever I have going on at any given time.
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