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My Grab and Go Base Products.

For those who know me and know me well know that I will never leave the house without doing my base (and brows for that matter but that's a whole other story) most days I like to add things like highlighter and bronzer but if I am being honest most of the time I just like a light base to even out my complexion.

Even if I am in a rush or have a lot of things on I like to spend time on my base so it's important that I have products in my kit that I know work and are easy to apply.

Here are my current go favourites:

Routine: Sunday Night Pamper.

As you all know I am really diligent when it comes to my beauty routine but once a week I like to focus my routine on body products, this includes giving my skin a good exfoliation and keeping it hydrated. I tend to do this routine once or twice a week all throughout the year but especially in the winter time as the colder weather, central heating and warmer showers take a toll on my skin.

Here are the products I use during my pamper routine.


Review: Foreo Luna 2 For Men.

After many years of personally using skincare products and working in the beauty industry I have come to the realization that cleansing really is the most important step in a beauty routine, when your skin has been properly cleansed the products you use thereafter absorb better and therefore they work to their best ability.

One thing that has made a huge difference to my cleansing routine is using a cleansing device, the latest one that I have been trialing is the the Luna 2 For Men by Foreo.

The device works to draw out dead skin, dirt and unclogs pores which is a real bonus when it comes to shaving as it helps to make way for a closer shave and lessens the chance of razor burn or any irritation that is normally associated with shaving. I find that with my skin it can get congested easily, when I use this device I notice my skin is a lot clearer, smoother and the products I use absorb better.

The Foreo Luna 2 For Men is really easy to use, I just wet my face and the device, apply a cleanser to my skin and massage the device in circular motions around my face. I use it in the shower in the mornings and at the basin at night.

*The brand recommends not to use silicone based, clay or exfoliating cleansers with the device as it may damage the silicone touch points.

As someone who is leaning into their late-twenties, ageing has definitely become a concern for me, the reverse side of this device uses lower-frequency pulsations which work to reduce fine lines and firm the skin. To have both features in one device is ideal for me as I know my skin is getting a deep clean but at the same time I am starting to focus on areas of concern when it comes to lines and wrinkles.

When it comes to traveling the Luna 2 For Men is a godsend, the charger that comes inside the box is a USB cable which I can just easily plug into my laptop, I have also noticed a lot more hotel rooms now have USB plugs which makes it even easier for me to charge my device. 

The Foreo Luna 2 For Men is available at The Shaver Shop.

*The product mentioned in this post have been given to me by the brand /PR, As always the review is 100% my honest opinion on the product. Every single product that I mention on the site has been personally tested by me and these are my genuine thoughts on the product.

Lab Series Max LS Maxellence Collection.

Last year I left my mid-twenties, I am now moving towards my late twenties and have started to notice certain changes in my skin.

I am a big believer that with time your skin definitely changes, that's why it's important to always look at your skin and use specific products that will help with any of the concerns you may have.

As I have gotten older I have noticed my skin is a bit more sensitive and gets inflamed quite easily, especially when it comes to shaving. I have also noticed my skin has become less oily and leads more towards the dehydrated side, I am now looking for products that help to keep my skin hydrated and calm down any sensitivity it may have from when I shave.

As a beauty blogger I am constantly sent products and press releases but every once in a while a product comes along where I am truly blown away, in this case it's from the Max LS Maxellence Collection collection from Lab Series.

Bye Bye Breakout.

I like to think that my teenage years weren't that long ago but sometimes it feels like a distant memory, one thing I definitely don't forget is having teenage breakouts. I never really had acne but certainly had the odd breakout, this really affected my self-esteem and confidence, I started researching skincare products to use for blemish prone skin and to be honest it's probably where my love for skincare began.

I am lucky enough now that as part of my job I get to trial a lot of different products, even now that I am in my mid-twenties I still suffer from the odd breakout and I finally feel like now I have found the products that have helped to keep my blemishes at bay.

As well as product I have has also incorporated different techniques into my routine, here are my top tips for keeping blemishes at bay...

The Power Of The At Home Peel.

I know that undergoing a peel treatment can be quite a daunting thing for some people but for me personally I have seen great results from having peels on a regular basis, whether that be an in-clinic treatment or from using an at home product. I have found having regular peels has really helped with the texture and tone of my skin, it has also helped with things like breakouts, milia, blackheads etc.

When you have regular peels it's important that you use the right home care to help maintain the results, even though I undergo in clinic peels every so often I like to use an at home peel product to make sure my skin is always in tip top shape.

As part of my job I am really lucky to be constantly trialing products, In my beauty cupboard I have found the at home peel products that work for me and my skin.

Here are the peel products I use on a regular basis.

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